Your pack shipment

Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment. Whichever shipment choice you make, we will provide you with a link to track your package online.

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment. We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them. Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.

Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

Delivery time and delivery costs

Cost of delivery:

The delivery cost depends on the method of delivery and payment you choose.

The cost of international delivery, not included in the price list, is set individually. The entire order is shipped in one shipment and the customer bears one delivery cost. For multi-pack, heavy or pallet shipments, the company reserves the right to set individual shipping costs (costs will be agreed with the customer before the order is placed).

Delivery time:

Delivery time:

In the case of standard goods in the Seller's warehouse, the order will be delivered as late as possible on the second business day after the order was placed - in the case of payment orders: "cash on delivery" or "card payment or quick transfer" and The second business day of posting the payment on the Seller's bank account - for orders with a "bank transfer before shipping" payment option When ordering products marked on the "On Order" product card or when ordering a large quantity of the same item and missing a part of this quantity in the Seller's warehouse, he may request prior to the order execution. Buyer's advance payment of not more than 50% of the gross value of ordered products.

In the case of orders of many items, some of which are not available at the time the order is placed, the Seller will contact the Buyer and jointly set a deadline for issues.

Deliveries are delivered by courier companies - the delivery time depends on the carrier, the type of shipment and the address of the consignee. It typically takes up to 2 business days.

The term of the order is given for each product.

Polish Post - 2-4 working days after dispatch. Courier - 1 working day after dispatch; In some cities, delivery times can be up to 2 business days. Courier - pallets - 1-2 business days after shipment.

Delivery methods: Polish Post - packages.

UPS courier, DHL, K-EX, DPD - packages.

DHL courier, PATRON SERVICE - pallets.

In the case of pallet shipments, the goods are delivered to the building located at the delivery address. Courier is not obliged to bring the shipment to the floor.


TYPE OF DELIVERY SUPPLY COST (PREPAY - transfer to account or electronic payment) SUPPLY COST (PAYMENT AT RECEIPT - pickup)Polish Post Office PRIORITY (PACZKA - weight from 1 to 5 kg, max size 60x50x30 cm) (estimated delivery time about 2 working days from the date of shipment) Prices according to the rates of Polish Post 13.00-14.50 zł depending on the weight of the shipment 15.50-23.50 zł depending on the weight of the shipment Courier - STANDARD (weight up to 30kg, the sum of dimensions l + 2 x width + 2 x height of shipment can not exceed 330 cm) (approximate delivery time 1-2 business days from the date of shipment) 25 zł 30 zł 40 zł $ 45Courier - pallet 120x80 cm, height up to 180 cm (weight up to 200 kg) (estimated delivery time 1-2 business days from the date of shipment) PLN 190 NO