Returns and Complaints

Complaint - goods damaged in transit
In case of defects or defects in the contents of the parcel, a damage report must be prepared in the presence of the courier and the situation should be reported to our representative. Company to email: In case of damage to the contents of the consignment after departure of the courier, please contact the courier service and request the courier return to write down the injury protocol. The injury protocol or a copy of the damage must be sent to our company at or the address: STUDIO TEMAT Paweł Szydłowski, 20-388 Lublin, Ćmiłów ul.Leśna 24a.
Damaged product should be stored until the complaint is processed. In addition, please make and send pictures of damaged product and packaging.
Complaint According to the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827)

Since December 25, 2014, consumers have the right to complain about warranty. This right is granted in the situation where the purchased product has a defect and the consumer did not know about it at the time the contract was concluded. To submit a complaint, follow these steps:

Return / Claim Form
Fill in the return / claim form and attach it to the shipment. The document should include the following information: name, email address or mailing address, phone number, product number and cause of the complaint, date of purchase and defect occurrence. The form should be sent to: or address: STUDIO TEMAT Paweł Szydłowski, 20-388 Lublin, Ćmiłów ul. Leśna 24a.

At the latest within 14 days of the notification, the complaint will be considered and the consumer will be informed.
More information in paragraph 5 of the Terms and Conditions
Product return
Please do not return the product without prior notice. Upon receipt of the form, we will contact you regarding further steps. Please include all accessories and a copy of the purchase invoice with the product you are sending back.

The advertised product should be sent to:

Paweł Szydłowski, 20-388 Lublin, ul. Ćmiłów, Leśna 24a, Poland

Return of Goods
Under the applicable law, you have 14 days to return the goods. To withdraw from the contract and return the product purchased from us, fill in the required statement and send it to our address with the returned product / products: STUDIO SUBJECT Paweł Szydłowski 20-388 Lublin, Ćmiłów ul. Leśna 24a To the package with the statement and the returned product / product, also include all accessories / receipts and receipts / invoices received. Returned goods can not have traces of use.